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There is a Great News from UK for Pakistani youth who want to work abroad


There is a Great News from UK for Pakistani youth who want to work abroad.

According to reports, Britain is facing a severe shortage of manpower these days, to meet this shortage, Britain has opened the doors of immigration for skilled workers from all over the world, including Pakistan.

According to the official post, 226 categories have been added to immigration for the first time, and the minimum wage in the UK has also been increased for all categories.

For the first time, the immigration category includes police officers, journalists, judges, secret officers, barristers, lawyers and flight pilots. In the manpower shortage category, 31 categories including musicians, dancers, doctors, actors and scientists have been allocated. .

Drivers, instructors, railway station assistants, air hostesses, cabin crew, veterinary doctors, tailors will also be able to move to the UK, while there are also opportunities for masons, aircraft engineers, AC fridge engineers, welders, charity officers and estate agents.

Students in the UK can take advantage of the post-study work facility, with a 20 per cent pay rise for highly-educated professionals, the official letter said.

As per the official notification, the visa fee has also been kept low for the approved manpower shortage category. ref# geonews


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