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Google Announced 44,500 Scholarships for Pakistanis , Here are the Details!




Google Announced  44,500 Scholarships for Pakistanis , Here are the Details!Google is expanding its efforts to empower Pakistanis with in-demand digital skills through the Google Career Certificates (GCC) program. As part of its commitment to Future Forward Pakistan, Google will award 44,500 new GCC scholarships by the end of 2023.

The initiative aims to help people, especially women and young graduates, to realize their career aspirations. A new study conducted in collaboration with The Economist emphasizes the importance of digital skills for Pakistan's competitiveness in the global marketplace.

New Courses and Scholarships:

Business Intelligence, Advanced Data Analytics and Cybersecurity: Google has added three new courses to the GCC program in collaboration with IRM and TechValley. These courses will equip students with employer-recognized certificates in high-demand fields.

Scholarships: Additional scholarships will provide more opportunities for people of diverse backgrounds to access digital skills training. Google's commitment to distribute 45,500 Google Career Certificates by the end of 2023 is aimed at closing the digital skills gap and creating equal opportunity.

Study Findings:

Growing importance of digital skills: The study reveals that employees consider digital skills crucial, with 57.3% identifying them as the most important to acquire. Digital skills not only improve job prospects, but also improve confidence and competence in areas such as communication, analysis and critical thinking.

Relevance of soft skills: Soft skills, including communication and adaptability, are essential in various sectors and job roles. 47% of employees consider soft skills important for improvement, with adaptability, flexibility and communication being top priorities.

Role of government: The study suggests that government can play a vital role in facilitating an enabling ecosystem for digital skills development. Collaboration with companies, organizations and communities can ensure equal access to upskilling through incentives and supportive policies.

Impact and Testimonials:

Empowering Freelancers: GCC graduate and freelance data analyst Iqra Malik shares how the program transformed her life, giving her valuable skills that allowed her to excel in freelancing, financially support her family, and take on various projects.

Career Progression: Saif Ullah, a digital marketing graduate, highlights the impact of completing the GCC program on his personal and professional life. Certification helped him secure a job as a performance marketer, explore freelance opportunities, and create a roadmap for his future career.

Skill Expansion:

To create well-rounded professionals ready for the job market, Google partners IRM and TechValley will launch a soft skills program for GCC graduates. The program covers critical topics such as communication skills, personal branding, time management, and critical thinking.


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