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Students Appearing in Special Exams 2021 Can Apply for UHS Lahore Admission



UHS Lahore University of Health Sciences has allowed students taking special exams 2021 to apply for MBBS and BDS 2021 admissions in Punjab. Students awaiting results can now apply from November 12-22, 2021. Such students will select the "Result Waiting" option on the UHS online portal and will re-enter their grades after their result is announced.

The list of merits will be provisionally prepared and the FSc grades of all students awaiting results will be considered as 100% for the calculation of the merit of the provision. But after the results are announced, students will be required to enter their grades and their merit will be recalculated based on their scores on the 2021 special exams. Such students will be demoted to medical schools based on their original merit.

In accordance with the instructions of the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC), candidates who are awaiting the result of the delayed HSSC special exam or A-Level exam (November 2021 series) can also apply for admissions this year due to the pandemic. of COVID-19. provided they meet all other eligibility requirements set forth in the Prospectus for the 2021-2022 Session (available on the official website of the University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore: The procedure and conditions will be as follows:

 These 'candidates with deferred results' will apply online through the application portal link ( with other candidates according to the notified procedure and schedule (that is, from Friday, November 12 to Monday, November 22, 2021). No application will be accepted after the expiration date (i.e. Monday, November 22, 2021).

A "Yes / No" check mark has been provided on the application form for such candidates. When you check “Yes”, you will not be able to enter your HSSC / equivalent test scores. Still, they can submit their application via a "no percentage added" statement that will appear at the top of their application. Your application will remain incomplete until the HSSC / equivalent result is submitted. iii. In preparing interim lists of merit and interim selection lists, "late-scoring candidates" will be assumed to score 100 percent on the HSSC / equivalent exam. They will be placed with other candidates at colleges based on their "provisional aggregate percentage" and "order of preference." However, it will in no way entitle candidates with late results to said percentage and their admission to any medical or dental school will only be determined on the basis of their grades obtained on the HSSC or A-Level Special Exam (November 2021). Series) Exam. These “late-result candidates” will NOT deposit fees at any medical or dental school where they will initially be placed ONLY ON A PROVISIONAL BASIS.

'Candidates with deferred results' provisionally admitted to any medical or dental school must submit the results of the special HSSC exam (pre-medical) or the A-Level exam (November 2021 series) online according to the procedure prescribed by the University by Sunday, February 6, 2022. If the HSSC (Pre-Medical) or A-Level Special Exam (November 2021 Series) is not taken The exam grades and supporting documents within the due date, is In other words, on Sunday, February 6, 2022, will lead to the cancellation of provisional admission. of such candidates.

After the presentation of the results of the special HSSC exam (pre-medical) or the A-Level exam (November 2021 series), the actual total percentage of these candidates will be calculated and readjusted in the respective universities or placed in the waiting list. strictly on their merit.

Students Appearing in Special Exams 2021 Can Apply for UHS  Lahore Admission
Students Appearing in Special Exams 2021 Can Apply for UHS  Lahore Admission

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