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Higher Education Commission (HEC) Overseas Scholarship Phase III, Batch 3 May 2021 - Apply 0nline



Higher Education Commission (HEC) announces Overseas Scholarship Islamabad

 2022 PhD in selected fields and MS / MPhil in Engineering Technology.

According to sources, applications are being invited to Pakistani / AJK prominent Ph.D. and MS / MPhil scholarships.

Ph.D. bursaries are offered in selected fields, and MS / MPhil bursaries are awarded in Engineering Technology, sources told APP.

Scholarships will be awarded in the Spring / Fall (2022) session at the top-ranked universities exhibited in the top countries.

According to the data, according to the eligibility procedures, the registrant must be a Pakistani / AJK citizen. During the Ph.D. Scholarships, candidates must have a minimum MS / MPhil / ME degree or equivalent (18 years) before the closing date.

For MS / MPhil bursaries in Engineering Technology, candidates must be under 16 years of age and must register with the National Technology Council (NTC), Pakistan, according to sources.

Maximum Type 2 for all pre-final learning activities, has been reported by HEC.

Applicants must have a minimum CGPA of 3.0 out of 4.0 in the semester program or 18 Division (annual program) in the MS / MPhil / ME / degree equivalent.

The maximum age on the closing date should be 40 years for full board members of universities / colleges and staff of R&D community organizations registered with the Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST).

However, the age should be 35 years for everyone else. Nominees must have a minimum mark of 70% on the valid HEC Aptitude Test (HAT). HEC will consider the best HAT points over the past two years for the purpose of selecting a shortlist.

Nominees should not be found in any other subject, he said. Eligibility will be deducted on the basis of valid results of the HEC Aptitude test (HAT). However, candidates are required to select foreign countries / universities of their choice on an online application form. The HEC reserves the right to redistribute any country / university to a candidate. Only selected nominees will be invited to negotiations with the admission process.

Nominees need to make sure that their topic field is offered in the country / university selection, otherwise the candidate will not be considered for interview / tuition.

They are required to meet the requirements of a host university to gain entry which may include International GRE, TOFEL, etc.

They are also advised to appear in these tests before the interview / entry.

Applicants are required to provide details on the online application process at

The eligibility list will be prepared on the basis of the online information provided to the applicant.

In the event that any information is found to be misrepresented in any category, the application process will be terminated.

The winners will have to make an agreement with HEC / Residence Pakistani University to work for a period of five years immediately after graduating with a Ph.D. read.

An application for a University transfer with a view to binding will not be accepted at any stage. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of a provincial quota approved by the government.

Applicants who have been temporarily or have been selected for any of the previous HEC study programs are required to obtain a NO Objection (NOC) certificate in the appropriate study category before submitting their applications.

A copy of this NOC must be e-mailed to before the closing date for applications, namely, May 30, 2021. Sharing details of the HAT examination, informing students that the Education Testing Council (ETC) , Pakistan plans to take the HEC Aptitude Test (HAT) in the second week of June - 2021.

For more information and details, please visit the HEC Overseas website: pk / site / ossphase3.

Applications must be submitted online via the HEC portal ( by May 30, 2021. For more information, students are encouraged to visit / site / ossphase3.

Higher Education Commission (HEC)  Overseas Scholarship Phase III, Batch 3 May 2021 - Apply 0nline
Higher Education Commission (HEC)  Overseas Scholarship Phase III, Batch 3 May 2021 - Apply 0nline 

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