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PBCC issued Matric , Inter improvement Policy 2022


The Punjab Boards Committee of Chairmen PBCC, has issued a revised policy for matriculated and intermediate students who want to improve their grades/division. Major changes have been made to the upgrade policy. According to the new policy, students will have 4 improvement opportunities within a 3-year period after passing the matriculation and inter-exams.

In accordance with previous practice, only those students who are not enrolled in any higher degree program at any institution in the country may take the advanced exams. Students may appear in improvement of any subject(s) of part-I or part-II.

Candidate looking to improve marks and grades in SSC or HSSC exam, will be provided opportunity for 4 exams with current and previous syllabus within a period of 3 years after passing Matric and Inter exams. Candidates must not be enrolled in any Higher Education if they want to improve their grades during this period. Candidates with a grade of E or D have four opportunities within 3 years to at least improve their results to a grade of C (50% of grade).

Students will be required to submit an affidavit stating that they are not enrolled in any higher degree program if they appear on improvement exams after a lapse of 2 years. The results and the certificate issued by the Board will mention the number of attempts a candidate has made.



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