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Punjab Govt. Announced to fill 100,000 Govt Jobs



LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar approved hiring for one lakh vacancies in various departments in the province on Thursday.

Following the instructions of Punjab CM, the recruitment process would be transparent and based purely on merit in accordance with the recruitment policy. Usman Buzdar also ordered the elimination of bottlenecks in the payment of salaries to ad hoc doctors and ordered that there should be no delays in the payment of salaries.

Punjab Chief Minister's Special Assistant Hassan Khawar briefed the media on the details of the vacant posts.

33 thousand vacant positions in the Department of Education 16 thousand would be filled in the first phase. He said that 1,200 vacancies in primary health care department, 2,900 specialty health care, 2,600 higher education, 3,500 university teacher interns, 1,200 civil defense, 4300 prison department and similarly 4,800 patwaris vacancies will be filled in phases.

In addition, more than 12,000 vacant posts in the police and military border police would be filled. The SACM said that the chief minister, Usman Buzdar, had taken stern note of the difficulties the doctors were facing and had also ordered them to pay their salaries without any hindrance.

Hassan Khawar said that the path of progress had started with one lakh of jobs and that the CM had ordered the necessary actions to be taken to fill the positions in housing, public health engineering, local government and various other departments.

On this occasion, responding to questions from the media, the SACM said that transfers and transfers for administrative reasons are the prerogative of the chief executive of the province and that any official who does not act has no right to remain in his seat. In addition, he said that PTI did not believe in the employment policy. Hassan Khawar said that the legal affairs of outlawed organizations are handled by the judiciary, while administrative matters are the responsibility of the government. To maintain the law and order situation, the Punjab government formed a dialogue committee before the sit-in and took a step towards peace.

SACM said that five police officers were martyred in the line of duty and that the government would facilitate and provide all aid to the heirs of the martyrs. "Our police officers and bosses should be appreciated, not criticized," he added.

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Punjab Govt. Announced  to fill 100,000 Govt Jobs
Punjab Govt. Announced  to fill 100,000 Govt Jobs


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