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NADRA to Launch Pakistan’s first digital national identity app - Download APP



NADRA is working on Pakistan's first digital national identity digital application and system for document verification at citizens' doorsteps. The news comes from the president of NADRA, Muhammad Tariq Malik. This app and the digital system will make the overall process easier, especially during Covid days when most people avoid going out. In addition, it will be a great relief for those who cannot get out easily due to some disability.

During a talk show on a private news channel, the president of NADRA revealed that the National Database and Registration Authority has recently introduced the PAK-ID mobile app for Android and iOS users. This application helps people with the presentation of the national identification card, since this application can be sued to register biometric data of fingerprints and face, as well as to capture documents to send them.

NADRA to Launch Pakistan’s first digital national identity app - Download APP

Furthermore, it revealed that with this futuristic mobile application, Pakistan has become the first country to introduce identification technology. This technology will not only digitize the overall system, but it will also revolutionize the economy and create more job opportunities for the young generation. He also added that digital identification will help modernize business activities in the country and related services.

Muhammad Tariq Malik did not share an exact date or month for the launch of this app, but said that it is expected to go public next year.

Without a doubt, this is the first time that the government has shown great interest in a public-private partnership that has brought in some mega-projects for NADRA. He is also promoting the electronic system to make it easier for people and help them get rid of the paper procedures that were happening until now.

While all the initiatives are pretty good, the only critical thing to clarify is that these systems need to be easy to use so that most people can better understand and use them.

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