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1st year Exams will be held as per Schedule Chairman Board 2021


 Prof. Dr. Saeedudin, Chairman of the Karachi Intermediate Education Board denied rumors circulating on social media about the cancellation of freshman exams. He said the freshman exams will be held on schedule and will begin on August 7. He said that the exams for the 1st-year groups including Science, Home Economics, Commerce (Regular / Private), Arts (Regular / Private), Special Candidate, Medical Technology will be conducted on schedule.

Previous Failure Exams, Twelve Items (TP), Division / Grade Improvement, Benefit Cases, Bonus Subjects, Special Opportunity will also be scheduled. The president, Professor Dr. Saeedudin, further said in his statement that students and parents should not be confused by rumors on social media about the postponement of exams 2021.

He said that all preparations for the exams have been completed, while the process of issuing the admission cards and the date sheets for the first phase exams has also been completed. The exams will be conducted according to the schedule in light of the decision of the Steering Committee, Department of Education, Government of Sindh.

It is pertinent to mention here that rumors circulate on social networks about the cancellation of intermediate exams and Part-I Enrollment. Some people claim that they have confirmed news from credible sources that the exams will be canceled. Now, the president of the Board of Intermediate Education (BIEK) has confirmed that the exams will take place as scheduled. Students should focus on their studies and should prepare for their exams and should not be confused about taking the 9th and 1st year exams.

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