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Latest Interloop Ltd MTO Program 2021-22



Each year, Interloop trains new graduates, 50% women, in all the various professions through the Trainee Officers Program. It is a 06 month performance agreement that exposes MTOs to a variety of operational and strategic areas, thus opening up greater opportunities for learning and self-improvement. A systematic and robust selection process includes written tests, test center tasks, and interviews. This is followed by the allocation of work and projects for six months. After final testing, successful MTOs are awarded permanent jobs.

Listed below are the eligibility requirements and key courses in which MTOs will be included:

Eligibility Terms:

New graduates with at least 16 years of education from an accredited institution, known as the Pakistan Higher Education Commission (HEC) / Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) or internationally recognized institutions, with a minimum CGPA of 3.00 OR 70% (local graduates) ) and 65% marks (foreign graduates) in the following categories to apply:

Staff (BBA / MBA)

Supply Chain & Logistics (MBA / BBA-Hons)

Marketing and Marketing (MBA / BBA-Hons)

Finance and Taxation (MBA / BBA- Hons / ACCA / M. Com)

Industrial Management (MBA / BBA-Hons)

Textile Engineering-Knitting / Textiles / Wet Processing / Weaving- (B.Sc.)

Industrial Engineering (B.Sc.)

Mechanical Engineering (B.Sc.)

Mechatronics Engineering (BSc.)

Chemical Engineering (BSc. / MSc.)

Chemistry / Textile Chemistry (BSc./MSc.)

Natural Engineering (BSc.)

Natural Sciences (BS / MS)

Fiber Technology (BSc. / MSc.)

Fashion Design (BSc.)

Rental Process: Apply Online> Preliminary Testing> Testing Center> Panel Discussion

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